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Step Platform for U-Arm Systems

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The design of the 2-Step Platform for U-Arm radiography permits patients to be positioned over a variety of U-Arm and fixed bucky digital radiography systems, including those made by Swissray, Sedical, IMIX, IDC and more.

This unit is also available as a special order, customized to work with your CR cassettes and DR panels - request a quote for this customization.

The U-Arm Step is designed for easy capture of the highest quality weight-bearing lateral and AP foot images. This positioning device is ideal to satisfy the imaging needs of orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine clinics, and general orthopedic practices. Optimal patient positioning also helps you acquire better diagnostic images for professional and collegiate sports physicians with fewer re-takes, thus reducing exposures to radiation.

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  • Part Number: 24701
  • Shipping Weight: 200 lbs
  • In Stock

  • Designed for patients weighing up to 500 lbs
  • Keeps patient's foot as close to the image plate as possible to ensure high quality images
  • Easily portable with lockable casters
  • Easy to keep clean, the platform is made from germ-resistant, non-porous polyethylene and steel
  • U-Arm Step Positioner for Swissray, Sedical, IMIX, IDC and other U-Arm systems 500 lb capacity

Top Platform:

Height: 18 in. / 45 cm
Width: 28 in. / 71 cm
Length: 32 in. / 81 cm

Handle Height:

Height: 53 in. / 135 cm

U-Arm Docking Space:

Height: 15.5 in. / 39 cm
Width: 27.75 in. / 70 cm