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Fujifilm LTO 2 Tape 200GB Library PK w/BC Label (600003240)


 Fujifilm LTO 2 tapes packaged in  a  library pack that protects the cartridges against  impact if dropped and provides added protection  against dust and humidity. It's good, safe  storage and an archival solution offering easy  and quick unpacking, carrying and stacking.  

 Each library pack hold 20 tapes.

 Each LTO tape comes with a custom-printed  barcode label that has been carefully engineered  and tested to provide our customers with a  superior quality, high performance label solution.

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Min:  20 Units:  5
  • Part Number: 600003240
  • DOT Part Number: FUJI26220012
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This product is 20 Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 2 cartridges(26220001) packaged in a plastic library pack. Each tape has a custom-printed barcode label.