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Maxell LTO Cartridge Memory Analyzer w/Barcode Reader(183400)


The 2nd Generation of the Maxell CM Analyzer offers all of the features and benefits of the 1st generation unit, with the addition of a built-in barcode scanner. The barcode scanner enables automatic reading and writing of the bar code label information to the cartridge memory IC chip, and is available in two models for two tape formats, the LTO family of tapes and the 3592 family of tapes. 

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  • Part Number: 183400
  • DOT Part Number: MAX183400
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IDENTIFICATION - All IT personnel track and identify tapes by their barcode labels. If a barcode label is defaced or unintentionally removed, the tape must be loaded into an LTO drive to determine what its contents are. With our unit, when a tape is first placed on the analyzer that has a built in barcode reader/writer, the user is given the option of writing the barcode label information to the cartridge memory. One simple click of the mouse button automatically writes the information to the cartridge memory chip. The benefit: If a barcode label is rendered unreadable for any reason, the user simply places the cartridge on the analyzer and it is immediately identified. 

Most backup software applications do not write the barcode label information to a tape's cartridge memory, leaving it up to the user to input this information manually through the software. This can be extremely time consuming, because the tape must be installed in a drive for this to be accomplished. With our unit, the user simply places the tape on the reader and the software automatically asks if the user would like to write the barcode to the cartridge memory (if it is not already there, or if the paper label does not match what was previously written to the CM). By clicking on "yes", it is automatically done. Advantage - the tape never has to be loaded and unloaded from a drive, so the cartridge memory information in a library case of tapes (or more) can be updated within minutes. The benefit: In addition to checking the status of used tapes, this unit can be used as a stand-alone writer to quickly internally label new tapes before they are inserted into a library