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Imation RDX 1TB Removable Cartridge (27957)


Quickly protecting your business or personal data, Imation RDX removable hard disk cartridges contain a 2.5-inch hard disk drive that offers all of the advantages of disk-to-disk storage, inckuding high performance and a low-failur rate. The cartridges provide both forward and backward compatibility.


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  • Part Number: 27957
  • DOT Part Number: IMA27957
  • Shipping Weight: 0.55 lbs
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 The system is designed to protect your business's valuable assets. It uses a rugged, removable hard disk cartridge and docking station that backs up just like a tape drive. Its speed and reliability make it a smart replacement for 8mm, VXA and DLT performance tapes. It can backup more than 125GB per hour and allows access to files instantly.  You will never run out of storage space, simply add more removable cartridges as your data needs expand.

 RDX technical specifications

  • Cartridge description: Rugged, 2½” mobile SATA hard disk drive
  • Read/write compatibility: Forward and backward compatibility to all RDX systems
  • Transfer rate (average sustained): Up to 25MB/sec USB and 35MB/sec SATA
  • Reliability and data integrity: Cartridge non-operating drop shock 1m (39.4") drop to tile over concrete floor
  • Cartridge usage: 5,000 load/unload cycles (minimum)
  • Dock usage: 10,000 load/unload cycles (minimum)
  • Power consumption: 6.6W typical, 12W peak
  • Physical dimensions: Cartridge 23.7 mm (0.93”)H x 86.6 mm (3.40”)W x 119.2 mm (4.69”)L
  • Weight: 173g (0.38 lbs.)
  • External USB docking station: 51.8 mm (2.04”)H x 109.8 mm (4.32”)W x 177.5 mm (7.00”)L
  • Weight: 540g (1.19 lbs.)
  • Internal 5.25" SATA docking station: 41.4 mm (1.63”)H x 146.0 mm (5.75”)W x 171.9 mm (6.77”)L
  • Weight: 635g (1.40 lbs.)
  • Warranty: 3 years