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IBM 3592 300GB Cartridge (18P7534)


The IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive 3592 is designed to provide fast time to data and excellent levels of storage capacity. To support that high-capacity capability, the tape drive uses the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Cartridge 3592. The 3592 cartridge contains half-inch, advanced metal particle, dual-layer tape. This tape uses a high-quality coating that provides the signal and aerial density margin to store an extremely high capacity of data - up to 300GB (up to 900GB with 3: 1 compression), greatly exceeding the capacity available from most other tape media. The tape also features an ultra-smooth surface and uniform magnetic layer less than 0.2 microns thick - both intended to help improve media reliability and tape drive processing times. Because normal wear and tear can degrade media, the 3592 cartridge offers significant improvements in tape cartridge design - such as enhanced locking pin, hub and clutch assemblies - to help improve durability. The cartridge also minimizes surface defects and uses a precision timing - based servo formatting process to enable higher track densities without increasing error rates. With these design features, the 3592 tape cartridge can help better protect your mission-critical data.

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  • Part Number: 18P7534
  • DOT Part Number: IBM18P7534
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  • Includes memory feature to track cartridge usage, helping to enhance media reliability
  • Provides physical cartridge capacity up to 300GB (up to 900GB with 3:1 compression)
  • Compatible with automation in the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Library 3494 or in the StorageTek 9310 Powderhorn Tape Library