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Maxell Blast Away Canned Air 10oz CA-3 (190025)


A 10 oz. multi-purpose duster for home, office, electronics and vehicles. Removes dust and dirt from keyboards, electronics, crevices, etc. Contains a bitterant to help discourage inhalant abuse and is a non-flammable, compressed gas.

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Appearance: Clear
Color: Colorless
Form: Liquefied gas
Odor: Slight ethereal
Odor threshold: Not available
Physical state: Gas
pH: Not applicable
Melting point: Not available
Freezing point: Not available
Boiling point: -26.5 °C (-15.70 °F)
Flash point: None
Pour point: Not available
Evaporation rate: Not available
Flammability limits in air, lower, % by volume: Not available
Flammability limits in air, upper, % by volume: Not available
Vapor pressure: -662 kPa
Vapor density: 3.6 @25°C (air=1)
Specific gravity: 1.21 @25°C
Octanol/water coefficient: Not available
Solubility (H2O): Slightly
Auto-ignition temperature: > 750 °C (>1382.00°F)
Percent volatile: 100