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Garner High Volume Degauss-Destroy-Recycle (DDR-34)

 The DDR-34 package will ensure the safety  of high level information at a price less than  the  cost of most standalone NSA listed degaussers.  The package includes the TS-1 NSA  Listed Degausser, the PD-4  Physical  Destroyer and the SW-1 Secure Workstation  and bins for storage and disposal of processed  media.

Optional 3 Year Factory Warranty available

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  • Part Number: DDR-34
  • DOT Part Number: GARDDR-34
  • Shipping Weight: 353 lbs
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 The DDR-34 package consists of the following components:

HD-3WXL  Hard Drive Degausser

The HD-3WXL is the newest and most innovative product in the Garner line of degaussers. The HD-3WXL erases full height (1.66" in height), standard height and laptop hard drives and high coercivity tape media including all formats of LTO (1, 2, 3 and 4), SuperDLT I & II, DLT, 9940, 3592, AIT, 8mm and more, all without any adapters. With a continuous duty rating (no cooling necessary) and 10 second cycle time, even large quantities of media can be erased in a very short period of time.

PD-4  Physical Hard Drive 

The PD-4 is designed to physically destroy hard drives in order to prevent persons from being able to "spin" the hard drive up to retrieve data. The PD-4 will automatically bend, break and mangle the hard drive including the data platters - where the data is stored. Once destroyed, the data will no longer be retrievable. The PD-4 meets NIST, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and GLBA compliance and guidelines requiring destruction of data contained on hard drives.

SW-1 Secure Workstation

The Secure Workstation allows users to deposit media ready to be degaussed in the secure drop slot on the top of the workstation. Media can be removed for degaussing by opening the secure cabinet underneath the table to begin the decommissioning process.

Bins   Storage and Disposal

Red = holds "to be degaussed" media

Yellow = holds degaussed media

Blue = for recycling or disposal at end of decommissioning process

HD-3WXL specifications

Power Supply

120V ±5%, 50/60 Hz - Standard 

Power Consumption

Under standby 0.2A
While charging 8.0A 
At the time of ERASE 0.5A

Approvals CE Approved

Degausser System

Capacitive Discharge

Operating Time

Duty Cycle: Continuous Erasing time:10 seconds per hard drive

Magnetic Field 

9,000 Oe

Max. Media Size

6.75 in. (W) x 4.5 in. (H) x 1.8 in. (D)

Erasing Area Size

6.75 in. (W) x 4.5 in. (H) x 1.8 in. (D)


Full height hard drives, Standard 1" heigh hard drives, laptop hard drives, 2.5 type HDD, 3.5 type HDD, DLT, LTO, 3490 formfactors and more.


41°F - 104°F (5°C - 40°C)


10%H - 40%H (without condensation)


HD-3WXL: 75 lbs. (25 Kg)
Shipping: 95 lbs. (37.64 Kg)


HD-3WXL: 12.25 in. (L) x 13.125 in. (W) x 18.75 in. (H) without slide
12.25 in. (L) x 22.625 in. (W) x 18.75 in. (H) with slide


1 Year Factory Warranty Standard, Optional 3 Year Factory Warranty available. 

PD-4 specifications
Power Supply

Standard: 120V ±5% 60 Hz
Optional: (100V,110-115V, 200V, 220-240V) (50 or 60 Hz)
Please specify power requirements when ordering.

Power Consumption

2A @ 120VAC

Destruction Time

Destroy Cycle: 10 seconds,   Full Cycle: 20 seconds

Hard Drive Size

2.5", 3.5", Standard, Half-Height, Laptop, and Full Height up to 2" in height.

Hard Drive Capacity

(1) Full Height, (2) Standard Height or (6) Laptop hard drives destroyed at one time.

Operating Environment

41°F - 104°F (5°C - 40°C), Humidity: 10 to 80% (Non Condensing)


PD-4: 82 lb. (30 Kg)
Shipping: 105 lbs. (36 Kg)


PD-4: 16 in. (L) x 7 in. (W) x 14 in. (H) 400mm (L) x 175mm (W) x 350mm (H)

Accessories Included

Power Cable, Instruction Manual