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Imalin Easy Trip XR


Easy Trip XR is the only kind of CT patient positioning device specifically designed to provide the support and stability for patients being scanned with their arms overhead. The Easy Trip XR is made of polypropylene, rugged, and easy to clean. Cleaning and disinfection can be done while wiping down the CT table after each patient use.







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The Easy Trip XR is small, convenient and non-obstructive to use. Its tapered design holds the device in place with the patients' own weight without the board extending beyond the table width. There is little obstruction and overhand so it can be used on a variety of patient body types. It does not interfere with respirators, IV poles, potable monitors, etc. It can be used during biopsy and other invasive procedures without restrictions to movement or access.


  • Patient stability and increased control during CT, PET/CT, and CT biopsy procedures

  • Improved image capture

  • Reduced repeat scans

  • Hangs easily in your imaging suite

  • One wipe CLEANING