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Fujifilm LTO 3 Tape 400GB Library PK (600004951)


Reliable high-capacity storage and long archival life. The third generation of Linear Tape Open (LTO), Fujifilms LTO 3 tape, has a native capacity of 400GB per cartridge, 800GB compressed. This product is the Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 3 cartridges packaged in a library pack that protects the cartridges against impact if dropped and provides added protection against dust and humidity. Each library pack hold 20 tapes

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  • Part Number: 600004951
  • DOT Part Number: FUJI26230012
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 LTO Ultrium 3 is the first generation in the LTO Ultrium Roadmap to support WORM (Write Once Read Many) functionality. The LTO 3 specifications include the ability for WORM enabled and non-WORM enabled drives to co-exist and provides users with very cost effective means of storing data in a non-erasable, non-writeable format.


  • Ultra-high-capacity storage and long archival life
  • Capacity: 400GB (Native) / 800GB (Compressed)
  • Transfer speed: 80MB/second (Native); 160MB/second (Compressed)
  • Made possible by Fujifilm ATOMM™ Technology