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4mm Media Barcode Labels


Our 4mm labels have been carefully engineered and tested  to provide our customers with a superior quality, high performance label solution.

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All labels ordered online will be printed using our standard color scheme. Our color scheme consists of all black characters. The numeric characters are printed on a vibrant color pallet background and all alpha characters will be printed on an all white background. All cleaning cartridge labels are printed with black alpha and numeric characters on an all white background. If you require a variation of our color scheme, please contact us to speak with one of our sales representatives. Our highly trained sales team is ready to help with your custom labels and assist you with any changes that are needed.

Corresponding colors with numeric characters used are -

We also offer custom labels from EDP and Dataware. For more information on labels or our labeling services, call Disk-O-Tape, Inc. at 800-932-8273 or 216-765-8273.

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