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EVault Cloud-Connected Storage

We Offer EVault Cloud & Hybrid Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Solutions


EVault Cloud-Connected Backup and Recovery Has You Covered

EVault is your only full-service backup and recovery provider, with a team of experts delivering the very best cloud-connected™ technology for failproof recovery. Over 43,000 customers and broad partner network know what the rest of the market is fast learning: EVault cloud-connected backup and recovery— a hybrid of onsite software and cloud services for fast, local restores and ensured disaster recovery, all built on a single platform and backed by expert services— is the best way to protect data in today’s multi-site environments.

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Our Value Proposition: Best Technology. Team of Experts. Failproof Recovery.

The best cloud-connected technology... First we got rid of long backup windows and unreliable restores by building a pure disk-to-disk solution. Then we optimized the data transfer process for WANs so you could automatically move your backups offsite. At the same time, four levels of security, including military-grade encryption, keep your data safe from the beginning of its journey to its end. Efficient, fast and secure.

...and cloud infrastructure: When you choose to store your data in the EVault cloud, you’re choosing a rock-solid infrastructure: Twelve geographically dispersed data centers meet the requirements for SSAE 16 compliance and the Uptime Institute’s top-tier rating; are locked down against all threats; and provide built-in redundancies for disaster protection. Bottom line: Your data is safe in our house.

The EVault team of experts is always by your side—from consultative solution design through 24/7/365 emergency support. We can help guide your deployment and provide you with a fully documented, fully tested backup and recovery plan. We can ease your burdens by managing the infrastructure for you, or teach you to run things yourself. And if things go really wrong, we’ll act as your first responder. No wonder we consistently earn customer satisfaction ratings over 98 percent.

EVault failproof recovery means you know you can always get your data back. We prove it more than 15,000 times a month, reliably restoring single files, critical applications, and, with our Cloud Disaster Recovery Service, entire systems.

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