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HP 5.25" RW Optical 2.6GB 1024B/S (92280F)


Each HP 5.25” Rewritable Optical Disk has a capacity of 2.6GB. The disk has 1024 bytes/sector and it is unformatted. The disk is packaged in a cardboard sleeve.

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  • Part Number: 92280F
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  • Magneto-optical technology, commonly referred to as MO, is a revolutionary approach to data storage that combines the advantages of both magnetic and laser technologies to capture and store data. The secret to magneto-optical is that during the recording process, an intense laser beam is focused on a disk containing an alloy material that retains a magnetic field when heated above a critical temperature. Write-one and rewritable disks surpass ISO, IEC and ANSI standards. HP's quality control tests include 40,000 load/unload cycles per disk, minimizing the risk of broken shutter and unrecoverable read problems. Anti-static shell design prevents corruption and lost data.
  • Designed for easy data access and permanent data storage that can't be altered or erased
  • Available in re-writable and write-once formats
  • Using HP media with Hp drives ensures a complete solution fully supported by HP
  • 100 year archival with Hp limited lifetime warranty
  • Antistatic shell coating to prevent static buildup which can cause read/write errors
  • HP patented robotics ensure the total solution is of exceptional reliability and durability


Manufacturer                      HP

Part No.                                92280F

Type                                       Storage Media - Magneto Optical Disk

Format                                  Unformatted

Native Capacity                  2.6 GB

Recording Format             1024 bytes/sector

Warranty                              Limited lifetime warranty