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CD-ROM Replication

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Disk-O-Tape offers professional replication of CD-ROM Discs. Our CD-ROM replication service utilizes state-of-the-art production equipment throughout the entire process from glass mastering and stamping to screen printing. CD-ROM replication is available for jobs of 1000 pieces or more of each master.

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The benefits of CD-ROM replication include: quick turns on very large projects enabled by a highly efficient CD-ROM production process, high quality screen printing from 1 to 5 colors produces a visually impressive finished product, and low unit cost (which makes it economical to run large jobs whether it's 1,000 discs or 20,000 discs). We specialize in handling all of the details of your CD-ROM replication project and delivering your job on time. When you choose Disk-O-Tape, you can feel confident that your CD-ROM job will be done right every time.