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8:12 Illumination LED Balloon Light 10' Crank Tripod


The tripod is solidly constructed of steel, aluminum and fiberglass with the best quality materials. It extends to 10 feet off the ground and has a footprint of 50’’ x 50’’. It is built to withstand the daily abuse of work sites as the fiberglass mast is electrically non-conductive and is manufactured to resist harmful UV rays. It is also designed to withstand high winds through hundreds of strands of fibers which are created in such a way that flexes but does not easily break. We do however recommend wiring the tripod down at all times while outside.

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Tripod Mount -
Our tripod mounts are designed for quick and easy set up as well as portability. Each light is interchangeable between machine and tripod mount , giving the customer the ability to save money through mobility. This option would be ideal for flagger stations as well as demolition and construction sites. We designed and manufactured our tripod to be ideal for any job site. It ranges from 5' to 14' in height and higher as requested. The mast is electrically nonconductive to ensure optimum safety for all those working in the area .

• Emergency Services

• Police Checkpoints

• DUI Checkpoints

• Mobile Repair

• Road Construction

• And many more!

Minimum to maximum height range:  5.8'to 9.8'

Base spread diameter: 44"

Center tube diameter: 1.375"

Folded Height: 60"

Weight: 24Ibs