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8:12 Illumination Nightshift Battery Pk LED Balloon Light, 200W


The all-in-one battery pack light is truly a one of a kind product. The 200-Watt LED balloon light, 9' of clip together mast, and battery all fit inside the box. This allows users to have significant amounts of work light anywhere they need it without the need for auxiliary power.

The 200-Watt LED pulls just 2.5 amps so it allows the battery to power the light for 6 hours on 24,000 lumen setting and 10 hours on 12,000 lumen setting. The 200-Watt LED emits glare-free, non­blinding light that can easily light up an entire intersection for applications such as traffic control.

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Mobile Applications

• Emergency Services

• Police Checkpoints

• DUI Checkpoints

• Mobile Repair

• Road Construction

• And many more!


Battery Data

Run Time:

6 hrs on high / 10 hrs on low



Mast Height:

9 ft

Battery Type:

Lead Acid

Total Weight:

120 lbs

Re-Charge Time:

8-10 hrs

200 Watt LED Foot Candle Specs – 10ft. high


3 ft:

6 ft:




56.0 fc

41.8 fc

26.2 fc

18.0 fc

4.4 fc

1.4 fc

 LED Light Data

Maximum Lighted Area:

14,000 ft squared

Maximum Lumens:


Light Under Unit at 10’:

56.0 foot candles

Color Temperature:

5,000 Kelvin

Electrical Data

Type of Cells:


Number of Cells:

4 x 50 watt

Maximum Power:

200 watt

Average Lamp Life:

100,000 hours

Voltage Available:

110V / 220V

AMP Pull: