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Maxell DAT 160 Cleaning Cartridge (230030)

  •  Cannot be rewound and used again 
  •  Effective for 50 cleanings, depending on  drive condition 
  •  For periodic cleaning of 4mm data cartridge  drives
  •  Package design and model numbers differ    from region to region

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  • Part Number: 230030
  • DOT Part Number: MAX230030
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  • Maxell’s original fine ceramic-armored metal particles boast high coercivity and superior remanence, providing long-term magnetic stability with superior durability and a very low error rate. 
  • The DAT 160 cartridge utilizes Maxell’s unique 5.6μm-thick coated tape. Maxell has achieved a capacity of 160GB by using a widened tape. 
  • By re-engineering cartridge design based on its reliable 4mm DDS technology, Maxell has boosted capacity with the newly developed wide tape cartridge without losing the overall benefits of the compact DDS size. 
  • DDS/DAT employs aramid base film, which has proved highly reliable in DDS-4. Despite the use of tape only 5.6μm thick, Maxell DAT/DDS data cartridge provides high rigidity and stable tape travel. In addition, it offers highly reliable data archiving performance. 
  • The new wide head cleaning cartridge “DDS/DAT Cleaning Cartridge II” has been developed for use with DAT 160 to retain optimum data storage performance.