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Imation Black Watch DLT Cleaning Cartridge (12919)

Imation cleaning products are designed to save you time and effort while keeping your drives clean and running efficiently. Utilizing a totally dry process, the Imation Dry Head Cleaning Cartridge is simply inserted into the drive; it automatically begins cleaning, and takes just a fraction of the time needed by wet-type cleaners.
Regular drive cleaning is key to maintaining the integrity of your valuable data. The Imation Dry Head Cleaning Cartridge makes it easy to include regular cleaning as part of your network systems maintenance protocol.

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  • Part Number: 12919
  • DOT Part Number: IMA12919
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Why should you clean your drive?

While the cleaning process is unique to each drive format, the benefit remains the same: regular cleaning of the drive reduces build-up or stains that have been deposited on the head.
Ensure data integrity with Imation products
Don’t risk permanent data loss; Imation Dry Head Cleaning Products are compatible with most network systems, and backed by Imation quality. Make Imation’s easy-to-use cleaning cartridges a regular part of your network system maintenance protocol and ensure data integrity.
What are the advantages of dry head cleaning?
Some cleaning systems use liquid chemicals that are messy, hard to work with and possibly hazardous. Imation’s Dry Head Cleaning Products use a process that is totally dry and virtually hassle-free. Just insert the Imation Dry Head Cleaning Cartridge into a tape drive; the cleaning process is automatic and takes as few as twenty seconds vs. five minutes for wet-type cleaners.
Compatibility: DLT 2000, 2700XT, 4000, 7000 & 8000 series drives
Number of cleanings: Up to 20