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Imation Black Watch DLT IV 40GB/80GB (11776)


Each imation DLTtape IV has a capacity of 20GB native/40GB compressed, or 35GB native/70GB compressed, or 40GB native/80GB compressed depending on the tape drive specifications. The tape is packaged in a clear plastic case

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  • Part Number: 11776
  • DOT Part Number: IMA11776
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 Imation DLTtape® media is designed for superior performance in DLT 4000, 7000, 8000 and DLT 1/VS 80 drives. The demands of your network and data center require nothing less than a rugged, reliable product to support your operations. From backup, restore and archive to copy and distribution, Imation DLTtape IV cartridges provide reliable data protection.

  • 40GB/80GB capacity (assumes 2:1 compression) with up to 6MB/second transfer rate
  • Compatible—with DLT 4000, 7000, 8000 and DLT 1/VS 80 drives
  • Durability—exceeds ANSI and ECMA open standard for reliability (250,000 passes). 1,000,000 pass tested.
  • Quantum qualification—bears the DLTtape logo and has passed Quantum's qualification process
  •  Limited lifetime warranty—guaranteed out-of-the-box performance



 Physical Characteristics

 Width 4.16 in.

 Length 4.15 in.

 Height 1.0 in.

 Weight 7.85 oz.

 Color Black

 Tape Characteristics

 Tape length 1,828 ft.

 Recording length 1,780 ft.

 Tape type Metal particle

 Tape width 0.498 in.

 Thickness 360µ in.

 Capacity (native) 20, 35 or 40 GB*

 Magnetic field required for degauss 4,000G minimum

 Tape Life

 Archive storage 30+ yrs.

 Tape durability 1,000,000 passes

 Operating Environment

 Ambient temperature 10 to 40˚C

 Non-condensing relative humidity 20–80% RH

 Maximum wet bulb temperature 25˚C

 Storage Environment (non-archival)

 Temperature 16 to 32˚C

 Non-condensing relative humidity 20–80% RH

 Maximum wet bulb temperature 26˚C

 Storage Environment (archival)

 Temperature 18 to 26˚C

 Non-condensing relative humidity 40–60% RH

 Stray magnetic field <1,000G

 (strength impinging on any point on the cartridge)

 *Compressed capacity is two times native capacity shown.