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Garner Hard Drive Physical Destroyer (PD-5)

The Garner PD-5 Data Destroyer is a brand new product for 2013. With 50% more crushing power than the PD-4, an LCD display, a 9 second cycle for two standard hard drives and an optional SSD/Flash Media destruction insert (SSD-1), the PD-5 is the most feature packed hard drive destroyer on the market. At 72 pounds, the PD-5’s all aluminum chassis, motor and main components make it the lightest hard drive destroyer available as well as completely recyclable.


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 PD-5 Operation:

Garner’s new PD-5 has very unique operation with its 
automatic High-Torque Sensor that allows the crushing wedge to 
move at high speed to the media and then optimize speed for 
maximum crushing power. The PD-5 automatically destroys 
all formats and sizes of hard drives including Network SCSI 
and IDE Drives up to 1.66" in height. The PD-5 doesn't rely on 
software, therefore it will destroy, in just 9 seconds, all working 
and non-working hard drives put in the chamber. A simple 
push of a button will ensure complete hard drive destruction. 
Optional SSD-1:
The PD-5 combined with the optional SSD-1 Solid State 
Destroyer sanitizes solid state media such as SSD, Flash, 
Compact Flash, USB drives and controller boards for hybrid 
HDD’s. Over 90 pins pierce the solid state media from top and 
bottom causing both perforation and waffl ing which destroy 
the individual memory chips. 
Meet Government Mandates
The PD-5 will assist you in meeting compliance standards for 
government mandates requiring complete elimination of sensitive 
information stored on magnetic media prior to disposal. 


Power Supply

100-240V ±5%, 50 or 60 Hz - Standard

Power Consumption

1.5A Operating 7A MAX @ 120VAC

Crush Time

9 seconds

Destruction Capacity

One full height 1.66 inch hard drive 
Two standard 1 inch hard drives
Eight laptop drives

WITH Optional SSD-1--SSD’s, Flash, Compact Flash, USB Thumb Drives and Hybrid HDD control boards

Operating Environment

41°F - 104°F (5°C - 40°C), 
Humidity: 10 to 80% (non-condensing)


PD-5: 72 lbs.

Shipping: 79 lbs.


PD-5: 18 in. (L) x 7 in. (W) x 14.5 in. (H) 
450mm (L) x 178mm (W) x 368mm (H)


Hard Drives are not reusable after having been destroyed.