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Epson PP-100 Cyan Ink Cart. (PJIC1-C) (C13S020447)


Epson’s easy-to-use Discproducer ink cartridges are the ideal solution for rapid printing of high-quality discs prior to duplication. The Discproducer ink cartridge delivers best-in-class printing with exceptional reliability. Developed with Epson’s patented MicroPiezo® inkjet technology, the cartridge provides precise control of ink droplets shape and size, delivering labels with superior color, text and vibrant graphics.  Buy with confidence. Disk-O-Tape, Inc. is an authorized Epson Discproducer Partner.

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  • Part Number: C13S020447
  • DOT Part Number: EPSC13S020447)
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 MicroPiezo® print heads are at the heart of every Epson inkjet printer. These print heads spray ink through microscopic nozzles, or holes on the print head. Each of these nozzles has tiny, piezo electric elements, which vibrate tens of thousands of times per second, allowing the nozzle to fire ink droplets onto the disc at extremely rapid rates. No heat is involved in the printing. This ensures greater accuracy when firing ink droplets precisely onto the disc. And, it gives the printer greater control over ink droplet size. MicroPiezo technology ensures uniform, stable ink droplets with virtually no satellites or misting all of which means you get the high quality results you’d expect from Epson. 

  • One set of high-capacity ink cartridges prints over 1,000 discs. Additionally, individual ink cartridges can be replaced, making it easier to operate and providing a lower total cost of ownership than other autoprinters in its class.
  • Epson recommends JVC Advanced Media-Watershield media for high-quality, smudge-proof and water-resistant label printing.
  • Standard one-year limited warranty. 

  •  Colors available: Cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta, black
  •  Ink type:  Dye ink.
  •  Yield: 1000 discs or more