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Choosing the Right Color

Light bulbs are available in a wide variety of shades of white light, ranging from yellowish, to white, to bluish white light, which allows you to customize the mood of your space. Many bulbs come in "warm" colors to match the yellowish light of incandescent bulbs, but you can also choose "cooler" colors with whiter or bluer light.

Color and Mood

  • Light color is measured on a temperature scale referred to as Kelvin (K).

  • Lower Kelvin numbers mean the light appears more yellow; higher Kelvin numbers mean the light is whiter or bluer.

  • Most ENERGY STAR certified bulbs are made to match the color of incandescent bulbs at 2700-3000K
    • For a whiter light, look for bulbs marked 3500-4100K.
    • For bluer white light, look for bulbs marked 5000-6500K.


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