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Maxell LTO 2 Tape 200/400GB (183850)


Each Maxell LTO 2 tape cartridge has a capacity of 200GB native and 400GB compressed. The tape is packaged in a clear plastic case.

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  • Part Number: 183850
  • DOT Part Number: MAX183850
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 High coercivity, ceramic-armor metal particles. 

This technology enables the development of high quality and reliable data storage cartridges featuring high output, high S/N ratio, and low and stable error rate characteristics. 
High-precision magnetic servo signal recording technology. 
Maxell's recording technologies enable the recording of servo track signals with greater accuracy and obtain excellent servo track signal characteristics through the increased data track density of the Ultrium 2 format. 
Data cartridge with excellent mechanical durability and reliability. 
A highly reliable data cartridge with low error rates and improved magnetic tape physical properties was developed. This cartridge has passed the million-head-pass test in a high-speed Ultrium 2 drive. High precision molding and process technologies also ensure superior mechanical durability in 20,000 times load/unload testing. 
Superior dimensionally stable basefilm. 
The PEN basefilm featuring dimensional stability is used as a basefilm to ensure stable data reading and writing performance for high-density recording and long-lasting archiving. 
Additional user benefits. 
The non-contact memory (4KB) inside the cartridge provides high-speed data search and supports cartridge management, particularly in library systems.


Cartridge color Purple
Tape length 609m
Tape thickness 9μm
Tape width 12.65mm
Transfer speed* 20~40 (40~80) MB/sec.
Storage capacity* 200GB (400GB)*
Coercivity 195kA/m (2,450Oe)
Cartridge dimensions 102.0 x 105.4 x 21.5mm
Operating environment 10~45°C or 50~113°F/10~80% (non-condensing, maximum wet bulb temperature 26°C/79°F)
Storage environment 16~32°C or 61~90°F/20~80% 
(non-condensing, maximum wet bulb temperature 26°C/79°F)