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IBM LTO 5 Tape 1.5/3.0TB Library Pk, 20/PK (46X2012)


IBM LTO 5 tape has been designed to deliver exceptional capacity and reliability at a lower cost per GB than other types of storage medium.

This product includes 20 IBM LTO Ultrium 5 tapes(46X1290) and is packaged in a plastic library pack.

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  • Part Number: 46X2012
  • DOT Part Number: IBM46X2012
  • Shipping Weight: 12 lbs
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  • Provides up to 3 TB (with 2:1 compression) of capacity in a single cartridge
  • Highest capacity tape cartridge built and tested to stringent LTO™ Ultrium™ Generation 5 specifications
  • Available in rewritable and write once, read many cartridge (WORM) models
  • Custom as well as blank and RFID-imbedded cartridge labels available
  • All models support I/T data encryption standards
  • New dual-partition capability designed to enhance the performance of time-encoding applications and support future tape innovations from IBM
  • The ideal green storage for data centers, designed for long data retention and archiving with no power required at rest
  • Designed to help improve read/write reliability by storing IBM’s statistical media read/write analysis on every use of the cartridge when used with IBM LTO tape drives
  • Designed to adhere to widely supported Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium design specifications

The IBM LTO Ultrium 5 cartridges are packaged in a library pack that protects the cartridges against impact if dropped and also provides added protection against dust and humidity. It's good, safe storage and a archival solution offering quick and easy unpacking, carrying and stacking.

Library packs contain 20 tapes.


Characteristics Linear serpentine recording half-inch cartridge
Media Type Metal Particle (MP)
Cartridge physical capacity 1.5 TB Native; 3.0 TB with 2:1 compression
Rewritable cartridge LTO Ultrium 1.5 TB rewritable Data Cartridge (1500/3 TB*)
WORM cartridge LTO Ultrium 1.5 TB WORM Cartridge (1500/3 TB*)
Physical and magnetic characteristics
Substrate Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN)
Total tape thickness 0.00025 in (6.4 microns)
Tape length 2776 ft (846 m)
Physical dimensions
Cartridge size 0.441 lbs (200 grams)
Data cartridge weight 4.02 in L x 4.15 in W x 0.85 D (102.0 mm x 105.4 mm x 21.5 mm)
Cleaning cartridge weight 0.254 lbs (115 grams)
Safety characteristics Toxicity: Nonhazardous to human health in anticipated use
Flammability: Self-extinguishing per UL94
Environmental recommendations
Operating conditions 50-113° F (10-45° C); 10-80% RH; 79° F (26° C) wet bulb max
Short-term storage conditions 61-95° F (16-35° C); 20-80% RH; 79° F (26° C) wet bulb max
Long-term storage conditions 61-77° F (16-25° C); 20-50% RH; 79° F (26° C) wet bulb max
Shipping conditions
Cartridge disposal Classified as nonhazardous waste per EPA regulation 40CFR261; can be disposed of as normal office trash
Machine Type, Model (Part numbers) Classified as nonhazardous waste per EPA regulation 40CFR261; can be disposed of as normal office trash
Cartridge disposal LTO Ultrium 1.5 TB Data Cartridge 3589-014 (p/n 46X1290)
LTO Ultrium 1.5 TB WORM Cartridge 3589-034 (p/n 46X1293)
LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge 3589-004 (p/n 35L2086)
Limited lifetime warranty Free from defects in manufacturing and materials defects for the useful life of the product.