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IBM LTO 6 Tape 6.25TB Library Pack 20/PK (00V7594)


This product includes 20 IBM LTO 6 Tapes (00V7590) and is packaged in a plastic library pack.

In a library pack, the tapes come packaged in a plastic shell that protects them against impact if dropped and also provides added protection against dust and humidity.

The IBM LTO Ultrium 6 Data Cartridges are designed to help organizations manage data growth; sustain rapid, reliable access to data; and ensure business resilience. The sixth generation of LTO Ultrium tape media delivers a 2.5TB native capacity and up to 6.25TB of compressed capacity for even greater efficiency and performance.

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  • Part Number: 00V7594
  • DOT Part Number: IBM00V7594
  • Shipping Weight: 11 lbs
  • In Stock

  • Achieve increased capacity
  • Ensure optimal data security
  • Support IBM® Linear Tape File System™
  • Meet stringent Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium Generation 6 specifications
  • Choose between rewritable and write-once-read-many (WORM) models
  • Utilize custom as well as blank and RFID-embedded cartridge labels


General characteristics
Media type Linear serpentine recording half-inch cartridge
Data capacity 2.5 TB native
Up to 6.25 TB with 2.5:1 data compression
Cartridge models LTO Ultrium 6 2.5 TB rewritable Data Cartridge
LTO Ultrium 6 2.5 TB non-erasable, non-rewritable WORM Cartridge
Tape characteristics
Total tape thickness 6.1 µ (0.00024 in.)
Tape length 885 m (2903 ft)
Cartridge characteristics
Cartridge size (L x W x D) 102.0 mm x 105.4 mm x 21.5 mm (4.02 in. x 4.15 in. x 0.85 in.)
Data cartridge weight 200 g (0.441 lb)
Cleaning cartridge weight 115 g (0.254 lb)
Safety characteristics Toxicity: nonhazardous to human health in anticipated use
Flammability: self-extinguishing per UL94
Environmental recommendations
Operating conditions 10°C – 45°C (50°F – 113°F); 10% – 80% RH; 26°C (79°F) wet bulb maximum
Short-term storage conditions 16°C – 35°C (61°F – 95°F); 20% – 80% RH; 26°C (79°F) wet bulb maximum
Long-term storage conditions 16°C – 25°C (61°F – 77°F); 20% – 50% RH; 26°C (79°F) wet bulb maximum
Shipping conditions -23°C – 49°C (-9°F – 120°F); 20% – 80% RH; 26°C (79°F) wet bulb max
Cartridge disposal Classified as nonhazardous waste per EPA regulation 40CFR261;
Can be disposed of as normal office trash