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Maxell LTO Cartridge Memory Analyzer (183100)

The Maxell LTO Cartridge Memory Analyzer reads vital information contained on the internal memory chip located in all LTO cartridges and places this information into special software with a clear and concise display.

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  • Part Number: 183100
  • DOT Part Number: MAX183100
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     The Maxell CM reader is approximately the same size as an LTO cartridge. Unlike an LTO tape drive, however, the Maxell CM reader does not need to thread the tape in order to access the CM. Just place the cartridge on top of the reader and the display immediately shows the relevant information.
     Most systems identify defective cartridges after they fail. These cartridge failures can be disruptive and expensive. But with the Maxell CM Analyzer you can monitor any cartridge and retire aging or damaged ones BEFORE they fail! Fewer failures equals saving time and money in reruns.
     There is no way to judge the cartridge quality from the outside appearance of the cartridge.   The Maxell CM Analyzer allows you to “look inside” the cartridge and get its complete history.
     When saving critical data to tape you must have complete condence that your data can be recovered without problems. The Maxell CM Analyzer enables you to identify and eliminate any cartridge that does not meet your standards.
             The available data includes:
  •  Percentage of records in error
  •  Recovered read & write errors
  •  Unrecovered read & write errors
  •  Servo errors & fatal servo errors
  •  Number of bytes written & read
  •  Number of cartridge loads
  •  Age of cartridge
  •  Details of the last four times the cartridge was used
  •  Details of the drive(s) that the cartridge was used in
     It can be time consuming, tedious, and inconsistent if you try to examine all the data in order 
to evaluate a cartridge. Not everyone may give each parameter the same weight. It is more 
helpful to create a single score number that is automatically and consistently calculated from 
all available data. MaxellScore is a Tape Evaluation Score ranging from 0 (very bad) to 100 
(very good). Within seconds you will learn if a used cartridge meets your standards.