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HPE LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge (C7978A)


HPE LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge is for use on all LTO Ultrium 2 thru 6 drives and most LTO Ultrium 1 drives*.


*Ultrium 1 drives manufactured after January 1, 2002. A drive firmware update may be required for use.

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  • Part Number: C7978A
  • DOT Part Number: HPC7978A
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     Nearly every tape drive technology requires the use of a cleaning tape, either as part of a scheduled drive maintenance program or as part of an error recovery strategy. However, the advanced design of HP StoreEver LTO tape drives minimizes the need for a cleaning tape. HP LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridges are suitable for cleaning operations for all HP and non-HP tape devices. 
     Many read and write errors are temporary and can be corrected by cleaning the drive or re-tensioning the tape. This ensures long-term reliability and data integrity and should be built into your backup schedule, according to manufacturer’s recommendations, and also carried out whenever the drive requests it. 


Technical Specifications

Tape width 12.65 mm
Recording technology LTO-1 Ultrium, LTO-2 Ultrium, LTO-3 Ultrium, LTO-4 Ultrium, LTO-5 Ultrium
Tape width 0.49803 in
Media capacity native GB
Base material Metal Particle
Drive compatibility Storage Media Compatibility Matrix
Relative humidities
Storage humidity 20 to 60% (Archival)
Operating humidity range 10 to 80% (Operating)
Operating temperature range 50° to 113° F (10° to 45° C)
Long term storage temperature 41° to 73° F (5° to 23° C)
Day-to-day storage temperature 60° to 90° F (16° to 32° C)


Limited Lifetime