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Pearltec Crania Child 01 (1004)


The Crania products from Pearltec were developed especially for head examinations. The Pearltec Crania Child 01 offers an optimum fixation of the head during the whole examination.

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*Due to governmental regulations, we can only sell  Pearltec products to end users located in the United  States.





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  • Part Number: 1004
  • DOT Part Number: PEA1004
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Fewer repeated exams
The soft, movable polystyrene pearls along with flexible air chambers let the Pearltec products 
adapt to the individual patient. This gives optimum fixation of the patient, minimizes motion artifacts, improves image quality and reduces the number of exam repetitions. This makes the workflow significantly more efficient.
Improved image quality
Pearltec technology allows highly efficient and individualized fixation of the patient which 
improves the image quality
Easy to use
Thanks to the versatility of the Pearltec products, they can replace a wide variety of conventional 
placement and positioning aids that are used to hold the patient in place.
Excellent hygiene 
Single-use hygienic covers are available for Pearltec’s products to ensure that the very highest hygiene requirements can be met.
Optimum patient comfort
The soft, single-use hygienic cover, in combination with the adaptability of Pearltec products to the individual, optimizes patient comfort.