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Blue Thermal Printing Directly on CD-R Disc Surface


A custom blue thermal print on the CD-R surface. CD-R is sold separately.

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If a repeat order, please provide your art reference number.

Thermal Printing Directly on the Disc Top Surface - Thermal printing features black, blue, red or green print on silver or white top surface CD-R and DVD-R discs (our standard is black print on a silver top surface for CD-R and black print on a white top surface for DVD-R). Thermal printing offers a very professional look when full color printing is not required. It is an excellent selection for printing text and simple graphics (vector graphics yield the best results with thermal printing). Thermal printing is typically used for jobs of under 1,000 discs and offers: low setup fees, versatile print options, rapid output, and is a cost effective alternative to silk screen printing. (Many jobs involving thermal printing can be completed within 24 hours.)