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Patient Comfort Systems

What is the Patient Comfort System?

The Patient Comfort System was developed over a 2-year period in close cooperation with leading imaging centers to maximize patient comfort as well as conform to the specific requirements for compatibility and safety. The Patient Comfort System incorporates viscoelastic material.

This viscoelastic material used for medical imaging has been specifically formulated to maximize patient comfort and maintain a thin form factor while optimizing the available free space for the patient when inside the MRI bore. These mattresses and positioners are compatible with existing tables and are designed to simply replace the current pads.

The basic system consists of four rectangular mattress pads covered with advanced breathable space-age waterproof material which resists staining and makes cleaning easier. A knee wedge and neck roll are also included to maximize patient comfort. To increase safety, all pads have an anti-slip undersurface to keep the pads in place while patients are getting on and off the table. Also available are pressure-managing mattresses designed for use in the CTL coil, many varieties of positioners and a pillow that fits into the MRI bore.

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