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ProBelt 200 R2 (For GE CT's)


ProBelt 200 R2 fits GE systems. An innovative belt system that enables the fixation of patients in radiology and beyond completely without Velcro. ProBelt is available for CT table rails of all manufacturers and other versions. ProBelts are inserted into the designated table rails and get closed by using the eyelet in order to immobilize the patient. Perfectly Hygienic, High Durability, Simple and Quick.


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Perfectly Hygienic Belt System


The positioning of patients in computer tomography can be very challenging, especially with traumatized and disoriented emergency patients or also with very old, immobile and uncooperative patients. For safe and smooth examination procedures it is important to stabilize the patients reliably. 

Following the examination, thorough cleaning and disinfection must be possible in a quick and easy way. Due to their use in an emergency environment or with infectious patients, the positioning aids must also be able to withstand the frequent use of strong disinfectants.

To meet these challenges, we have developed the new ProBelt system. The ProBelt system is made of a hard-wearing PU foil allowing patients to be fixed completely without a hook and loop fastener.