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Quantum DLT Tape IV 40GB/80GB (THXKD-02)


Each Quantum DLTtape IV has a capacity of 20GB native/40GB compressed, or 35GB native/70GB compressed, or 40GB native/80GB compressed depending on the tape drive specifications. The tape is packaged in a clear plastic case

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  • Part Number: THXKD-02
  • DOT Part Number: QUATHXKD-02
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Quantum DLTtape Technology takes advantage of the latest advances in
binder chemistry with its unique high-grade metal particle (MP) 
formulation. By combining both solid and liquid lubricants in the tape
binder system, tape and head wear are reduced while repelling airborne
particles that could affect read/write head performance. In addition, by
using a uniform particle shape, a dense binding system, a smooth 
coating surface, and a specially selected base film, Quantum DLTtape
half–inch cartridge tapes take advantage of shorter wave–length 
recording schemes to ensure read compatibility with future 
generations of DLTtape drives.