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Sony DLT Tape IV 40GB/80GB (DL4TK88)


Each Sony DLTtape IV has a capacity of 20GB native/40GB compressed, or 35GB native/70GB compressed, or 40GB native/80GB compressed depending on the tape drive specifications. The tape is packaged in a clear plastic case

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  • Part Number: DL4TK88
  • DOT Part Number: SONDL4TK88
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12MB/s speed and 80GB capacity

DLTtape™ uses MP (metal particle) technology in a space-saving single-reel cartridge, offering high capacity of 40GB native or 80GB compressed and high data transfer speed of 12MB/s, compressed (DLT IV cartridge in DLT8000).
To support this performance, DLT employs adaptive cache buffering, multiple heads and longitudinal serpentine tracks.
Outstanding data integrity
One reason DLTtape is recommended for mission-critical data backup applications is its ultra-low bit error rate of 1×10-17. Sony's precision tape manufacturing technology maximizes DLT performance, with advanced defect detection to assure high quality and an optimum head-to-tape interface.
Proven archival reliability
Strict quality control and a comprehensive testing program enhance Sony DLTtape media's long-term archival reliability.
Extraordinary durability
The latest binder system helps achieve 1,000,000-pass durability for longer lasting tape as well as reduced wear on the heads. Also contributing to extended media life are the DLT drive's precision tape tension servo control and gentle tape path in which only the back of the tape touches any guide rollers.
Assured format compatibility
All DLT systems offer backward compatibility, so you can migrate to a higher capacity system with confidence.