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Maxell Super DLTtape IITM 300GB/600GB (183715)


In everything from its nano-level metal particles to its protective cartridge, Maxell Super DLTtape II is the first product of NeoSMART Technology. Its high capacity of 300GB (600GB compressed data) helps make it an ideal medium for advanced data storage. 

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  • Part Number: 183715
  • DOT Part Number: MAX183715
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  • New fine magnetic particles for high-energy performance and long-term storage 
  • New PET base film for smooth surface and high rigidity 
  • Optical servo and advanced backcoating technologies for high-precision tape transport 
  • Newly designed cartridge featuring high rigidity and durability 
  • Leader buckling mechanism for accurate tape loading 
  • Exclusive technologies maximize reliability


Cartridge color  Blue
Tape length 630m
Tape thickness 8μm
Tape width 12.65mm
Storage capacity 300GB (600GB)*
Coercivity 210 kA/m
Cartridge dimensions 105.8 × 105.4 × 25.4mm
Operating environment 10~40°C/50~104°F; 20~80% (non-condensing,maximum wet bulb      temperature 26°C/79°F)
Storage environment 16~32°C/60~90°F; 20~80% (non-condensing,
 maximum wet bulb temperature 26°C/79°F)