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Quantum Super DLTtape II 300GB/600GB (MRS2MQN-01)

The Quantum Super DLTtape II cartridge is the first tape cartridge designed to fullyleverage data management offering from DLTtape Technology —DLTSage™. Now, IT professionals can monitor media and drive diagnostics to better manage, predict and proactively prevent backup system errors. Designed for use with the Quantum SDLT 600, the Super DLTtape IIcartridge delivers 300GB native ( 600GB compressed) capacity. Incorporating DLTtape’s new eMP60™ tape technology, the Super DLTtape cartridge provides customers with the highest reliability available.

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  • Part Number: MRS2MQN-01
  • DOT Part Number: QUAMRS2MQN-01
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  • Solid reliability – Archival life of more than 30 years
  • DLTSage™ enabled – Better manages, predicts, and proactively prevents storage systems errors
  • eMP60 technology – Improves recording densities, enabling higher capacities
  • Super PET (S-PET) base film – Strengthens tape, allowing better usability
  • Optical servo on back of tape – Saves magnetic surface for data, increasing the number of recording  tracks and therefore, capacity



Media Recording Format Capacity (native) SDLT 220
Super DLTtape II SDLT 600/600A 300GB 36MB/sec
Tape Type: Advanced Metal Particle (AMP)
Overall Length: 2,066 ft. (630M)
Tape Width: 0.498'' (12.65mm)
Tape Thickness (μm): 8.00
Coercivity (Oe): 2,600
Remanence (G): 2,300
Width: 4.16'' (105.6mm)
Length: 4.15'' (105.3mm)
Height: 1.0'' (25.4mm)
Weight: 7.85 oz. (222.5 g)
Color: Blue
Archive Storage: >30 years with less than 10% loss in
demagnetization (at 20º C and 40%
non–condensing humidity)
Durability: Average 1,000,000 head passes in typical
office/computing environment
Uses: Up to 260 full tape uses
Ambient Temperature: 50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C)
Relative Humidity: 20% to 80% (Non-Condensing)
Maximum Wet Bulb:
Temperature: 79°F (26°C)
Storage (non–archival)
Temperature: 60°F to 90°F (16°C to 32°C)
Relative Humidity: 20% to 80% (Non-Condensing)
Maximum Wet Bulb
Temperature: 79°F (26°C)
Storage (archival)
Temperature: 64°F to 82°F (18°C to 28°C)
Relative Humidity: 40% to 60% (Non-Condensing)
Stay Magnetic Field (G): <4,000 (strength impinging on any point
on the cartridge)